Sunday, March 25, 2012

About Me

I want to write about my personal financial journey. Mainly about personal finance and Investing. Am a middle aged Indian with a job in IT industry. Some 2-3 years back i developed an interest in the topic of finance and investing. Since then I've been studying about these topics. This blog is an attempt to record my thought process and learning's and document what makes sense to me. I am inspired to blog by few other fabulous Indian investor bloggers who are into direct equity investing alongside having a regular job. Those great bloggers stand testimony to the fact that investing can be done along with our main profession provided one has the zeal to learn about it.

There is no one perfect way to investing. That's the reason there is no one book or one guru mantra that one can read and learn it all. But having said that, investing is a potential goldmine which has the potential to reward the student who keep's learning and improving and prepares himself to play the game as per his own rules.

Hope to add more here....

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